decembrie 7, 2007

De cateva zile m-a lovit nostalgia si-mi tot rasuna in minte o melodie: Johnny B. Va servesc doua variante: 


Hip Hop

Heroic Age

decembrie 6, 2007

Un anime de 5 stele pentru care am stabilit un nou record: 26 de episoade vazute in 3 zile.

Imagine exceptionala, poveste interesanta. Age – Deianira – Bellcross 

Va mai spun doar atat:

Far, far away, in a distant time, there was a people that called themselves the Golden Tribe. Creating shooting stars, they, who had the power to know the future, called out to the other primitive tribes.

„Come out”, they said, „from the planets you were born on, into this universe.”

Three tribes answered their call. The Golden Tribe called them allrespectively: the Silver Tribe, the Bronze Tribe and the Hero Tribe.

Before long, when the Golden Tribe decided to leave this universe for another, there were ones that answered a new call. The fourth tribe that decided to enter the universe with its own power, humankind.

The Golden Tribe called them the Iron Tribe.

Va recomand cu cea mai mare caldura sa ascultati opening-ul pus mai sus. Este excelent.